Wireless Network Site Surveys In West Palm Beach

Wireless Network Site Survey West Palm Beach

Wireless Network Site Surveys In West Palm Beach

Establishing a new wireless network for your business or reconfiguring your existing one can be challenging, especially when your time is largely consumed by keeping your company up and running. If you’re not well-versed in technology, it becomes all but impossible. That said, the digital demands of businesses today are growing and it’s critical that you’re able to keep up. Simply put, a good wireless network is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

To be confident that your wireless network has the ability to meet the needs of your business now and in the future, it’s in your best interest to work with a professional. Here’s what you should know about wireless network site surveys and how to get the managed IT solutions you need from a trusted source.

What Is a Wireless Network Site Survey?

A wireless network site survey, often called a wireless survey or RF site survey, is the process by which a wireless network is designed. This is an important step for a business to ensure that the planned network will offer the necessary coverage and have adequate network capacity for customers and staff. A survey includes all relevant information, such as data rates, service quality, and roaming capabilities.

Do I Really Need a Site Survey?

For large WiFi networks, a wireless site survey is absolutely crucial to avoid unnecessary spending on labor, equipment, and time when deploying the network. For smaller networks, a survey is highly recommended but the cost of the survey may outweigh the benefits for some businesses in rare cases.

3 Different Types of Wireless Network Site Surveys

There are three different types of WiFi network surveys:

  1. Passive site surveys. Most often performed when an existing network is looking to streamline or upgrade its wireless network. The survey adapter used passively “listens” to WiFi access points to gather data like signal strength, capacity, etc.
  2. Active site surveys. During an active site survey, the adapter is connected to the network’s wireless access points. This allows more data to be gathered, such as the overall amount of network traffic, data rates, and throughput packet loss.
  3. Predictive site surveys. Most often performed for new wireless network buildouts or when a complete network reconfiguration is desired. No field measurements are taken and instead, specialized software is used to map the area and predict the coverage provided by APs. The APs can be moved as needed to create a network plan with minimal interference and maximum coverage.

The purpose of all types of wireless network site surveys are to help businesses optimize their WiFi networks to get the most benefit for the least amount of resources.

New Wireless Network Installations

When deploying a new wireless network, conducting a survey before placing WiFi access points (APs) is critical. Often, WiFi APs are placed randomly, however, this leads to overlapping frequencies and dead spots where no wireless service can be accessed. A survey can help you plan your company’s wireless network to ensure the most amount of coverage using the least amount of equipment. With heat mapping, you can visualize your network and make changes that optimize the use of equipment and energy.

Existing Wireless Network Surveys

Wireless network site surveys aren’t just for newly established networks. In fact, they’re a critical component of ensuring your business stays up-to-date and maintains efficiency within your network. For an established network, a variety of tests are conducted to determine if the business would benefit from the optimization or reconfiguration of the wireless network. Various tools such as heat mapping are used to assess wireless coverage, signal strength, roaming capability, quality of service, and network capacity. Then, a recommendation will be made on any changes to your network infrastructure that would benefit your company and streamline your wireless network.

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At BoomTech, Inc., we know that optimizing your WiFi network is likely a bit too much to put on your already full plate. Let us make sure your network is equipped to handle the needs of your business without interruption, glitches, overlaps, or dead spots. Call today to learn more about wireless network site surveys or other managed IT services in West Palm Beach that can help streamline your company’s technology.

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