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We are your source for wholesale distribution IT services in Boca Raton and South Florida. Contact us to learn more about services for your area business.  

Wholesale Distribution Technology Solutions

We are your source for wholesale distribution IT services in Boca Raton and South Florida. Contact us to learn more about services for your area business.  

We understand how necessary your technology equipment is. Each and every day, your team utilizes tools like inventory management systems, bar code scanners and mobile devices to manage shipments, communications and inventory. You cannot afford for your technology to let you down – which is where we come in. BoomTech is dedicated to helping your distribution business succeed by providing you with the IT services and support you need for your business.

IT Services for Wholesale Distribution

Our company has been providing IT support for wholesale distribution companies in Boca Raton and South Florida for years. We understand your priorities and your technology. Our goal is to ensure that everything you need to run your business is operational at all times. And when something does go wrong, we are there to fix it as soon as possible. Most of the time, you shouldn’t even know we are there. But when you do need us, we respond within an hour.

While our primary focus is on delivering the highest quality IT services in South Florida, we also appreciate the need to stay within your budget. That’s why we price our services competitively. We charge a flat fee for everything you need – no hidden costs, no surprises.

IT Services You Need

Our business provides a full range of services for your distribution business, including:

  • Technology Audit. When you hire us on as your IT team, we look carefully at your current technology to determine what services we will need to provide and to identify areas for potential improvement.
  • Remote Monitoring. Tech problems don’t wait for business hours. That’s why we provide 24/7 remote monitoring of your network and systems to identify issues as soon as possible and address them immediately.
  • Backup and Recovery Management. Things do go wrong and data can easily be lost. We create a backup and recovery plan and then implement regular backups to ensure your data is always protected and recoverable.
  • Manage Vendor Relationships. You don’t need to worry about keeping up with your vendors. We will take care of communications and reach out to them when necessary.
  • Expertise. Our team includes experts in multiple technologies and disciplines, so you get access to the latest developments and solutions as they are discovered and verified.

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Read what one of our clients has to say about the value of our services:

BoomTech is a fraction of the price

We run a large company that relies upon data without which we would fail quickly. The down time of operations are critical for us and we can’t afford to be down hours on any day. BoomTech guarantees if down time is necessary, it is minimal and tolerable. BoomTech is a fraction of the price for a full IT team on our payroll and they offer us quality help. BoomTech sees to it that all of our computers are virus free and block any potential viruses from stopping our daily production. While this may cost money for us it is something in today’s world we need to have. We also have a backup server through BoomTech that eliminates down time for our business. Protect your business with BoomTech!

Bobby Smith
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