Tips for Keeping Your Law Firm Protected from Cybercrime

Law Firm Cybersecurity Services In Boca Raton

Law firms face considerable threats from cyberattacks that can cause massive damage. In addition to the financial impacts of data breaches, law firms can face lawsuits, compliance issues, and criminal charges for failing to protect their clients’ most sensitive information.

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Cybercriminals Launch Thousands of COVID-19 Scam Sites

COVID 19 Scam Sites1

Businesses Face Threats from Surge in COVID-19 Scam Sites With new COVID-19 scam sites being launched daily, business leaders are tasked with ramping up cybersecurity. The time is now to enlist a third-party expert.   While billions of people around the world combat the pandemic, despicable cybercriminals design thousands of COVID-19 scam sites to breach…

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5 Benefits of Using DocuSign During COVID-19 Crisis

Docusign Covid 19 New Orleans1

NOLA Businesses Can Benefit From DocuSign During COVID-19 Crisis Business leaders are overcoming COVID-19 disruption by leveraging remote IT capabilities. Programs such as DocuSign deliver proven interstate commerce benefits.   New Orleans ranks among the most impacted COVID-19 health crisis areas. The outbreak prompted government officials to issue Stay at Home mandates, and only essential…

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