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We love having you as a customer and quite honestly wish we had more like you! We trust that you are loving our services, I’d like to ask you for a small favor that, in the end, will benefit you as well.

Here’s what I had in mind…

Just like you, we get our best clients through referrals. To that end, I’d like to give you an ethical “bribe” to refer us to a friend or colleague who might also benefit from our program.


Truth is, marketing to get new clients isn’t free, and we’d much rather invest that money with our existing clients (you) be rewarding you for bringing us more clients.

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    Here’s What I Propose:

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    Refer us to the CEO/owner of another company and we’ll give them a free, security assessment like the one you had (no strings attached, no pressure). Well give them the discover results and a number of other freebies so they’ll benefit from the consult whether they sign or not – and just to say “thanks” to you, we’ll give you an AMEX $50 gift card, even if they don’t become a client. All they have to do is schedule a consultation with us.

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    If they’re smart (like you!) and enroll in one of our services, we’ll give YOU a $250 American Express gift card on TOP of the AMEX $50 gift card; that’s a $300 bonus in your pocket!

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    If you’re a go-getter and you bring us 5 clients, who have 20 or more computers, you’ll not only get the above bonuses for each one ($1,500!), but we’ll also give you one month of service FREE!

All you have to do is provide us with the name, company, phone number and e-mail of the people you are referring and we’ll take care of the rest!


Even if your referral doesn’t hire us, they’ll benefit from having a third-party conduct an audit of their systems. Normally we charge $2,500 for this service, but we’ll give it to them free since you referred them.


You can also call me direct at (561) 300-5080 or simply e-mail me at [email protected] with the name and contact information of one of your business colleagues who might benefit from hearing from us.


P.S. Your referral is under no obligation to use our services. We also promise to be 100% respectful of their time and will not harass them with sales calls if they are not interested.


So, what are you waiting for? Send us your referrals right now so you get up to $300 from us!


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