Allow Us To Concentrate On Our Core Business...

BoomTech has been my tech support partner for the past seven years. We are very lucky to have BoomTech building, monitoring and protecting our computer system. Philipp Baumann and his staff allow us to concentrate on our core business, without worrying about our systems being compromised.

Tyler A. Gold Attorney Owner
Tyler A. Gold P.A.

Peace Of Mind...

The biggest reason I use BoomTech, Inc. is for the peace of mind they give me. Their flat fee IT service monitor our servers, logs, and the health of our network 24/7/365 to make sure everything is running properly and to make sure lower-level maintenance on the network is getting done. Plus they take care of most issues remote and or send a knowledge tech onsite. They really make it easy and affordable too…I can’t recommend them strongly enough to any small business owner who doesn’t have the time or money to deal with computer problems.

Liz Trujillo Office Manager
Action Title Company

I Sleep Easier At Night Now

I Sleep Easier At Night Now… Thanks to BoomTech, Inc. and the BDR they provide, I never have to worry about my data being backed up and stored in a secure environment. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place now; I never hope I have to use it, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing that if I do, I won’t be unpleasantly surprised.

Alan Weisberg Attorney Partner
Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

BoomTech is well worth the cost..

BoomTech is well worth the cost. I trust Philipp and his company. I may not understand some of the reasons, but I am comfortable relying on what he advises me. His pricing is fair and reasonable. There have been numerous times, probably more than I am aware of, when something happens and BoomTech is on top of it before we feel the negative effect. They advise corrective actions that make the negative results minimized.

Paul H. Kupfer Esq. Attorney Partner
Kupfer Skolnick P.A.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I have been very happy with how responsive BoomTech is to resolving problems that we may have and with how independently they solve them. Their monitoring and preventive efforts have kept our network up and running. When we were down, they got us back in business promptly.

Jeffrey L. Greenberg Greenberg & Strelitz, P.A.

BoomTech Delivers The BEST Value For Money When It Comes To IT Services And Support

While “price” is certainly an important consideration in any transaction, buying “cheap” IT support is foolish. Without a question, the folks at BoomTech have consistently delivers high-quality, highly-responsive and proactive support to us. In the legal field, client security is critical and their proactive monitoring is the only way to do this and make we don’t have a breach that can lead to immense problems.

George E. Crimarco Esq. Owner
George Crimarco P.A.

Price is a Function of Quality...

When it comes to finding a quality IT service the potential client should “do their homework”. When it comes to BoomTech they will find that price is a function of quality. When you are having a “heart attack” and they roll you into the operating room, as the patient do you look up at the three surgeons posturing to perform the surgery and request the surgeon that works the cheapest? “Hell no”, the only thing on your mind is the best most highly skilled surgeon. What dollar value can a client put on losing all their data? BoomTech is worth every penny!

Dan Grossman Owner
D & S Management SVC

We have virtually no worries…

BoomTech has been the very best when it comes to handling client IT issues. The remote monitoring of our IT systems has been accurate and reliable. Immediate response to problems is the normal expectation from the service team and our issues are addressed immediately either remotely or with an onsite visit by a service tech. Most importantly our experience with BoomTech has proven that every single tech that has worked on our IT issues is a true professional in every way. Annual assessment reports and personal visits by Phillip to review their performance and assess our systems has proven to be invaluable and unmatched by any other IT service providers.

We have been introduced to new IT innovations by BoomTech that provides us with a higher level of comfort when it comes the security of our computer data. The backup systems that we now have in place under the direction of BoomTech are state of the art and are constantly monitored remotely by them. We have virtually no worries when it comes to security breaches of our data, and the recovery of our data in the event of an emergency. The days of plugging in a backup device to a computer port and taking the downloaded info home with you are over. Backup is automatic and reliable. Unless you are a professional in the IT field, keeping up with the latest effective IT security options is now beyond the scope of most people. BoomTech is at the top of the list when it comes to a savvy, up-to-date IT Company and I give them my highest recommendation.

Lawrence Demme General Manager
The Yacht and Racquet Club of Boca Raton

BoomTech is a fraction of the price

We run a large company that relies upon data without which we would fail quickly. The down time of operations are critical for us and we can’t afford to be down hours on any day. BoomTech guarantees if down time is necessary, it is minimal and tolerable. BoomTech is a fraction of the price for a full IT team on our payroll and they offer us quality help. BoomTech sees to it that all of our computers are virus free and block any potential viruses from stopping our daily production. While this may cost money for us it is something in today’s world we need to have. We also have a backup server through BoomTech that eliminates down time for our business. Protect your business with BoomTech!

Bobby Smith CEO
Party Goods Warehouse

BoomTech responds quickly to issues

Although price is a major factor, we took into consideration how technically sound BoomTech’s technicians are and how well they interact with our employees and vendors (phone, internet, specialty). BoomTech also responds quickly to issues that would not be classified as an “emergency” in the IT world.  They help us out in a timely fashion, relieving our stress factor and getting our employees back to a productive work day. Companies that have the most up-to-date systems with high paid well trained IT employees are still having their data attacked. Our Boomtech network has provided control of spam and viruses by educating our employees about phishing scams and emails that could lead to malware. Our time can therefore be spent on accomplishing productive work.

Dawn Walkowski Accounting/ Administration
Florida Turnpike Services

Cannot remember the last time our network went down...

I rather pay a little more to a company like BoomTech that I trust and sleep better at night. I cannot remember the last time our network went down. I understand that it is not by luck. It is by design. Ongoing monitoring is necessary to identify little problems, before they become big problems.

Joseph V. Priore Esq., Partner
Santucci Priore, P.L.

Saved us $50,000 with a communication audit!

BoomTech has not only been everything you could dream of in an IT Company but they were also able to save us $50,000 over 36 months by conducting their yearly communication audits. The BoomTech staff is always pleasant and quick to respond to any of our needs. They are so thorough and follow-up so well that it is easy to forget all about the technical side of the business and focus our time and energy on growing and expanding.

Barry Friedman Director Operations
Vehicle Maintenance Program, Inc.

It only takes one…

BoomTech is everything we could want in an IT service. I understand that IT cost sometimes becomes a big burden on businesses, especially on small business. It might even seem very tempting to ignore any IT cost to save some money in the short term. We switched to a VoIP phone system over 3 years ago. We love that the phone system lets us forward calls to any of our locations and we saved 23% on the phone expenses. BoomTech was there every step of the way when we were switching to the new VoIP phone, making sure everything went well. It only takes one incident to cause a catastrophic damage to the business that would cost more than the cost of maintaining IT Support. BoomTech gives me the peace of mind that our IT is safe.

Paul Bedoyan Controller
Investments Limited

Reduced our phone bill by 200%

We didn’t even realize we needed to replace our 10 year old phone system until BoomTech did a communication audit for us. The results were shocking. We followed their recommendations and replacing our previous phone provider and switching to a VoIP phone system. We reduced our bill $651 a month or as a savings of 200%! The monthly savings on this new feature rich, high call quality VoIP system paid for itself within a few months. Without BoomTech taking the initiative to perform a communication audit, we would have never known what was available.

Richard Delizza Owner
Electric sales Associates, Inc.

The sales team no longer miss any important sales calls

Thanks to BoomTech’s communications audit, we are saving $581 a month on our phone bill! In addition, we now have a new phone system that gives us voice mail, an auto attendant, and allows calls to find me/follow me for our sales guys. The sales team no longer miss any important sales calls just because they are out of the office. On top of that, our internet connection is 10 times faster than the old expensive stuff we had before. And the best thing of all is that everything is managed by BoomTech. So we just make one call whether we need help with our phone, internet, or computers.

Johanna Membreno Office Manager
Joco Produce, Inc.