Wireless Network Site Surveys In Sunrise

Wireless Network Site Survey

BoomTech Provides Wireless Network Site Surveys For Organizations In Sunrise, FL

Do you need a complete wireless network design and implementation? Or, are you looking to upgrade your network systems and solve that persistent network challenge? BoomTech Inc. is here to help your enterprise.

Designing and planning play a prominent role in the installation of a wireless network. Your organization needs to assess wireless coverage, capacity, signal strength, as well as roaming capability. Network engineers can identify equipment necessary to achieve your network goals with professional wireless network site surveys in Sunrise.
Without wireless network site surveys, your organization may face various WiFi network challenges, including:

  • Inconsistent access points
  • Coverage holes
  • Lots of interference
  • Wasted resources

Boom Tech has been our IT consultants for almost ten years. Phillip and his team have been professional, competent, and responsive regarding the implementation and oversight of our IT security as well as our hardware upgrades and software advances.  We feel very secure with the systems that are in place and recommended by Boom Tech. Our data is valuable and the fear of losing anything, or even everything, due to a catastrophic failure to our power sources, or through some other means, is no longer an issue. I am confident in recommending this company to my colleagues. The level of competency and professionalism that Phil and his team have exhibited during our ten years of partnership offers freedom from worry regarding all of our IT support systems.
Lawrence Demme

Wireless Network Site Survey

Predictive Site Surveys

When planning a new network, it is essential to model your environment with advanced software. Network engineers can then create WiFi heat maps, which you can use to determine system requirements and potential costs. Our predictive site surveys keep in mind your building floor plans, which provide a picture of areas the wireless network will cover.
We account for all variables to develop a comprehensive wireless plan for your facility from building materials, types of applications, end-users, and square footage. We will determine coverage areas based on the end-users locations and identify major building obstacles that may block radio signals. The overall coverage will then influence the number of access points needed for your network.
These surveys help you save on time and money in the network development process. With a representative picture of your network design, our specialists can use a WiFi site survey to validate on-location.

Wireless Network Site Surveys

These surveys combine predictive site surveys with an onsite visit. Network engineers can measure interference with this survey and create a proper wireless design. Upon request, they may also simulate streaming media and wireless VoIP to ensure that all your systems integrate seamlessly.

Your access points (APs) should be in optimal locations for optimum wireless network performance while minimizing any interference sources. The APs location will depend on power and cabling to facilitate the efficient connection of the APs to the whole network.

Periodic wireless site surveys help you assess your emerging network needs, enabling you to make the necessary adjustments and create an optimized system. Depending on the surveys’ results, you may opt to relocate APs and retest the network. For future reference, we recommend recording both locations and signal readings. You can compare these findings during your periodic site surveys.

A wireless network survey involves different services, such as:

  • Capacity analysis to provide documentation of channels, AP density, and channel widths
  • Performance analysis of data traffic from your perspective
  • Spectrum analysis to detect existing RF emitters and interferes
  • Signal strength analysis

A successful wireless site survey ensures that your newly deployed wireless network performs with optimal performance and coverage. An ideal wireless site survey checklist involves:

  • Identifying your wireless needs
  • Finding a floor plan
  • Performing a walkthrough
  • Examining the existing infrastructure
  • Determining coverage areas
  • Identifying potential access point locations
  • Running a wireless site survey
  • Refining access point locations
  • Recording your findings

Deploy Reliable Wireless Networks

When updating an existing wireless network or deploying it for the first time, your organization needs an experienced network partner to create optimal results. With our professional wireless network site surveys in Sunrise, your organization will receive all the complete configuration requirements. We’ll also provide all the documentation and a bill of materials you may require.
We can perform tests and analyses on existing wireless networks. From these tests, we can determine if you’ll require additional equipment for your networks. We may recommend a system reconfiguration for better performance and improved network security.

BoomTech’s periodic site surveys help you integrate better technology consistent with any changes in your enterprise. Our specialists also assess how your wireless network performance evolves with time and strive to maintain its consistency. The idea is to provide consistent wireless service delivery for clients and employees.
We use industry best practices and specialized software for our wireless network analysis services. Our heatmap reports can help ease your decision-making process. These services help you understand your organization’s wireless network needs, ensuring that you can develop customized solutions.

Companies across Sunrise, FL, can count on us for professional heatmapping services and wireless site surveys. Contact us today to schedule a free, predictive wireless network survey and consultation.

Philipp founded BoomTech after moving to the United States from Switzerland at the age of 24. His clients say he operates his business like a “Swiss Clock!” because he has a very detail-oriented process that allows him to come up with a technology solution to his client’s problems no matter what it takes.

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