Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions

Our managed IT services team can help you maximize your cybersecurity to help protect your business and your vital data. Let us assist with your security needs.

Total Peace Of Mind Cybersecurity Solutions

Our managed IT services team at Boomtech can help you maximize your cybersecurity to help protect your business and your vital data. Let us assist with your security needs.


Compromise is not an option when it comes to cybersecurity. You cannot take the risk of failing to cover your bases – there is just too much to lose. By failing to secure your network, system, and data, you put your organization, your employees and your clients at risk.


You also open your business up to potential liability. Fortunately, our South Florida and Boca Raton area IT services team know precisely how to maximize your cybersecurity.


For more information, please visit our IT Resources page or our recent blog post on the Top 8 Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses.


We design a custom security solution for all your business tech needs.

Cybersecurity South Florida Process

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    Network Security – Vitally Important

For many small businesses and mid-sized businesses, it can be tempting to leave cybersecurity for another day. You already have enough on your plate, you might think. It’s too expensive, you might assume. Your data is not really at risk because you are a small business – something we hear all too often from new clients.


But the reality is that you are a prime target for cybercriminals. They know that they can potentially gain significantly more financially from compromising your security than they can from a single individual. Whether you have deep pockets or not, they are going to assume you do because you are a business.


According to CPO Magazine, over half of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. That’s a worrying statistic. But now that you know what the risks are, you can move forward with a plan to address those risks. And we are here to help – every step of the way.

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    Cybersecurity for Your Business

What does it mean to practice good cybersecurity? Well, it’s more than just running your antivirus software regularly – although that is a part of it. At BoomTech, we strive to offer complete cybersecurity solutions to our clients.


We will begin by conducting a comprehensive Security Risk Analysis and Assessment. Once we have identified areas for improvement, we will conduct security planning and develop strategies to address all of your security needs.


Then, we will explain our findings and our plan, then work with you to implement that plan. You always have the last word, but you can also rely on us to tell it to you straight.


Some of the areas we will address for your company include:

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    Network Firewall

    Just having a router does not give you an adequate firewall for your network. Businesses need customized firewalls to protect their networks while allowing the network to function as required.

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    Password Protection

    Simple passwords are far too secure for hackers to figure out. We will help you employ complex passwords and integrate a system that makes it easy to keep track of those passwords and use them as needed.

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    Multi-layered Security

    We will employ multiple layers of security, including antivirus, antispam, antimalware and other needed layers to protect your system.

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    24/7 Monitoring

    Probably the most significant cybersecurity advantage that comes with a managed IT services team like ours is the ongoing monitoring we provide. You can rely on us to pay attention to your cybersecurity round the clock. If we notice a problem we address it immediately before it has a chance to grow.

To see how seriously we take security, read what one of our clients has to say:


Cybersecurity Solutions 1We have virtually no worries…
"BoomTech has been the very best when it comes to handling client IT issues. The remote monitoring of our IT systems has been accurate and reliable. Immediate response to problems is the normal expectation from the service team and our issues are addressed immediately either remotely or with an onsite visit by a service tech. Most importantly our experience with BoomTech has proven that every single tech that has worked on our IT issues is a true professional in every way. Annual assessment reports and personal visits by Phillip to review their performance and assess our systems has proven to be invaluable and unmatched by any other IT service providers.


Brian Keyes
The Yacht and Racquet Club of Boca Raton

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Services We Provide In South Florida

Managed Service

Add strategic value, experience peace of mind, and have your IT strategically help grow your business - all for a monthly flat-rate fee.

Co-Managed Service

Access to specialized expertise with a robust Cybersecurity framework at a cost-effective rate.

Cloud Strategy

We help you evaluate if the Cloud is right for your business and implement the best Cloud strategy for your company.

Business Phone & Communication Solutions

Enjoy the mobility, cost savings, and flexibility of using VoIP.

Cybersecurity Solutions

We all know security threats and breaches are real. Let BoomTech protect your company, detect security problems, and respond with action.

Disaster Recovery

Don’t worry about being unprepared. We safeguard and defend your business and plan for unexpected issues.

Industries We Specialize In

Law Firms

Take full advantage of technology to stay competitive at your firm with increased billing productivity, automation, security, full support, and cost savings.

Wholesale Distribution

Our technology audit and 24/7 remote monitoring ensure that your shipping line, ERP solution, and inventory management systems are running properly.

CPA Firms

Focus on your core business of serving your customers while knowing their data is secure and your downtime risk is minimized.

Financial Firms

We make sure your technology is always using the best practices in security and compliance to protect your business and clients.

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