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BoomSync – Secure Cloud File Sync Solution for Your South Florida Business

Discover how BoomSync can give you complete control over how your business syncs over the cloud. Our service gives you more security and oversight than others.

If you use technology much, you are probably aware of the different consumer cloud file sync services out there like Dropbox. They offer some significant benefits for the average consumer, including the ability to sync files between multiple devices and to share files with just about anyone. But there are some serious disadvantages to these consumer-grade solutions. They are considerably less secure than they need to be for business users. To address these security concerns, we have developed BoomSync.


Cloud FileSync Services


What does BoomSync do?

With BoomSync, you can sync files between different PCs and mobile devices, including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Web applications

Utilizing BoomSync, anyone you authorize in your organization can access files on various devices in your system and on their own personal devices. They can also collaborate with different colleagues, clients and business partners with ease. Wherever you or your employees are, as long as you have an internet connection you can access your files, share those files and collaborate – which can greatly increase productivity. Whether you are using company devices or BYOD, the process is the same. Maximum versatility for today’s modern business.

What Makes BoomSync Different From Other Options Out There?

There were already cloud file sync solutions available before we developed BoomSync. So why bother? Well, the fact is that consumer-grade cloud file sync systems were not designed for business users. They don’t have the necessary security, control or tracking measures in place to protect sensitive business data. Sure, you can share – but as a business, you need to have significantly more control to protect you and your clients/customers.

BoomSync goes above and beyond most available cloud file sync systems. It arms you and any other administrators with robust security and control features. Some of the ways that BoomSync helps you gain control and protect your data include:

  • Limit or control which devices are permitted to sync
  • Remotely wipe data from devices that are lost or stolen
  • Monitor and manage how employees are using their devices
  • Completely audit file syncs and changes


Cloud File Sharing Services


Is BoomSync Really More Secure?

In our FREE book, “7 Risks of Dropbox to Your Corporate Data,” we explain the many ways in which Dropbox and similar services can put your corporate data at risk. For example, did you know that Dropbox had almost seven million usernames and passwords stolen recently? That’s right. Even with all of their funding and immense user base, Dropbox dropped the ball on security and allowed their user data to be compromised in a major way. What if it was your company’s data that was compromised?

To get an idea of just how seriously we take security, check out what our client has to say about our approach:

We have virtually no worries…
BoomTech has been the very best when it comes to handling client IT issues. The remote monitoring of our IT systems has been accurate and reliable. Immediate response to problems is the normal expectation from the service team and our issues are addressed immediately either remotely or with an onsite visit by a service tech. Most importantly our experience with BoomTech has proven that every single tech that has worked on our IT issues is a true professional in every way. Annual assessment reports and personal visits by Phillip to review their performance and assess our systems has proven to be invaluable and unmatched by any other IT service providers.

We have been introduced to new IT innovations by BoomTech that provides us with a higher level of comfort when it comes the security of our computer data. The backup systems that we now have in place under the direction of BoomTech are state of the art and are constantly monitored remotely by them. We have virtually no worries when it comes to security breaches of our data, and the recovery of our data in the event of an emergency. The days of plugging in a backup device to a computer port and taking the downloaded info home with you are over. Backup is automatic and reliable. Unless you are a professional in the IT field, keeping up with the latest effective IT security options is now beyond the scope of most people. BoomTech is at the top of the list when it comes to a savvy, up-to-date IT Company and I give them my highest recommendation.

Lawrence Demme
General Manager
The Yacht and Racquet Club of Boca Raton

Contact Us to Learn More About BoomSync

We would love the opportunity to explain the specific ways that BoomSync could help you and your business. Please contact our team now to speak to one of our team members about BoomSync. We are passionate about protecting your data and we are eager to implement BoomSync for your business.

Philipp founded BoomTech after moving to the United States from Switzerland at the age of 24. His clients say he operates his business like a “Swiss Clock!” because he has a very detail-oriented process that allows him to come up with a technology solution to his client’s problems no matter what it takes.


Hear from Philipp Baumann, owner and founder of BoomTech:

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