Cloud Services & Solutions

Cloud Services & Solutions

Cloud services can help you do business faster and more conveniently. Our team at BoomTech can help you incorporate cloud services into your current business model.

Cloud Services for South Florida Businesses

Cloud services can help you do business faster and more conveniently. Our IT team at BoomTech can help you incorporate cloud services into your current business model.


You have probably heard how business is moving to the cloud – but what exactly does that mean, and how does it apply to your company? Even if you have adopted some cloud solutions, you may not be fully aware of how those solutions could be compromising your security or efficiency.


Not all cloud services are ideal or appropriate for every business, which is why we encourage all of our clients in Boca Raton and South Florida to schedule a consultation from BoomTech to discuss their cloud solution needs.

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    Cloud Solutions for Your Business

What is the cloud?

Although the technology involved is quite sophisticated, the basic concept of the cloud is easy enough to understand. Instead of storing data locally on the hardware in your business, it’s possible to store data remotely on servers accessible from any of your devices.


Your information is in the “cloud” somewhere, which makes it possible to access it from various devices connected to the internet.


What are the benefits of using cloud solutions?

Multiple benefits come from using cloud solutions, including:

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    File access from anywhere

    Probably the most exciting thing about the cloud is that you can take advantage of it from most devices with an internet connection. As long as the device is compatible, you can access the cloud and get your files whenever and wherever you like.

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    Streamlining remote work

    Working from home, on the plane or the road is made much easier when you can access your files and other data from the cloud. You can essentially make your office anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection.

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    Keeping hardware costs down

    Another great thing about cloud storage is that it’s possible to reduce your hardware investment for data storage. You don’t necessarily need huge hard drives in the office to hold all of your data if you can back it all up to the cloud.

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    More backup solutions

    We always set up backup schedules for our clients because you never know when you might lose a piece of hardware. With the cloud, we can schedule regular backups to the cloud and local hardware so your data is stored in multiple locations – significantly reducing the risk of losing any of it.

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    Disaster recovery becomes simpler

    Disasters happen – there is nothing we can do to prevent them completely. If a hurricane comes through and wrecks your office and all your computers, you need a way to get things back up and running as quickly as possible. With cloud backups, we can immediately start downloading everything you need to new equipment when necessary.

Will any cloud solution work for my business?

Probably not. While there are many inexpensive consumer-grade solutions for cloud storage and backups, at BoomTech we prefer to direct our clients towards more robust solutions.


We will examine your cloud needs based on your business and your company objectives and then advise you on which cloud solution we think is right for you.


You don’t have to worry about setting anything up, either. We will take care of everything for you.


If the cloud sounds like it would benefit your company, please let us know. Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions and help you address all of your IT needs.


Cloud Services & Solutions 1BoomTech Is A Fraction Of The Price
We run a large company that relies upon data without which we would fail quickly. The downtime of operations are critical for us and we can’t afford to be down hours on any day. BoomTech guarantees if down time is necessary, it is minimal and tolerable. BoomTech is a fraction of the price for a full IT team on our payroll and they offer us quality help. BoomTech sees to it that all of our computers are virus free and block any potential viruses from stopping our daily production. While this may cost money for us it is something in today’s world we need to have. We also have a backup server through BoomTech that eliminates down time for our business. Protect your business with BoomTech!


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Have Questions About Our Cloud Services?

What is meant by “cloud solutions and services”?

Cloud services are when your business network uses somebody else's infrastructure servers, storage, and processing power on a subscription service.

It is similar to a utility company: you pay for as much electricity as you use each month. The same is true for cloud services.

What is an example of a cloud-based solution making a business more efficient?

Microsoft 365 is a great example. It provides your business with all the tools you need to communicate and be efficient: emails, document creation and storage, collaboration, instant chatting, video conferencing, security management, and much more.

The best part is you never have to install or run a program or maintain a server because everything is done on Microsoft’s cloud solutions and servers. It gives any size business the same access to the same software and internal communication ability as a fortune 500 company.

Are there different types of cloud services?

Yes, there are various levels. Here is an image showing several different tiers of cloud solutions.

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Can any type of cloud service work for my business?

Like many things related to IT, that depends! Business size, number of workstations, your software and networking goals, and other things are all factors that determine what type of cloud solution works best for your business.

At Boomtech, we offer a cloud assessment to help determine what solution would work the best for your company.

Are Gmail Suite, Quickbooks, and other online software considered cloud services?

Yes, they are. Many other software or programs that you access online are considered cloud services too, such as Facebook, most project management services, and other programs that you access through a web portal.

What should I look for when choosing a cloud provider?

Here are a few things we recommend:

  • Make sure they are a stable company that will be here for the next decade. You don’t want a company setting up your cloud, only to see them go out of business in the next year.
  • You should be receiving regular reports of issues, downtime, etc.
  • Security is huge - make sure you ask what security measures they use, as well as where and how your data will be stored.
  • If you work in an industry that has compliance requirements, such as healthcare providers, make sure the cloud solution meets all the compliance requirements.
  • Make sure the cloud provider is backing up the data so that you don’t need a 3’rd party backup service.
  • As a final note, be cautious about using a small private cloud hosting service. If something goes wrong, you are at their mercy, and some of them have additional fees and costs that a larger IT company won’t charge.
Do I need an IT team to set up and run my cloud services?

It depends on the size and complexity of your business system, but in general, we recommend any company with employee workstations use a qualified IT team to ensure maximum security and efficiency.

Is it risky to use cloud solutions - do they break or lose data?

Like any piece of technology or online software, cloud services aren’t perfect, and they occasionally do break or have outages.

Thankfully, data is rarely lost, and downtime is usually minimal when using a trusted cloud provider. And if your cloud provider is regularly backing up your data, then data recovery should be possible if data is actually lost or destroyed.

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