What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Boca Raton

What is Microsoft Teams?

How Will This Chat-Based Workspace Keep Your Staff Members Connected and Productive During Remote Work?

Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace, is available through any appropriate Office 365 license plan. Similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams allows users to access a range of apps and tools within one window to help them work as efficiently as possible, including:

  • Accessing calendars and meetings
  • Creating, sharing, editing, and finding content
  • Calling and instant messaging one another
  • Video chatting with one another
  • And much more

It’s one centralized hub that’s available at no extra cost for existing Microsoft Office 365 users. It’s fully integrated with various other services, including:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Planner
  • Yammer
  • And more

As the COVID-19 Outbreak Pushes More Businesses to Work Remotely, Microsoft Teams Simply Makes Sense – And Fortunately, 65% of Remote Workers Feel More Productive at Home Than in the Office!

FlexJobs performed a survey that found 65% of remote workers feel more productive at home than in the office – and it’s no surprise. After all, we no longer need to be onsite to access our email, software, documents, and other important information. In today’s day and age, it’s possible to maintain access to all of the tools we need to operate efficiently while staying home to reduce the spread of the virus.

Microsoft Teams simply makes sense for businesses looking to work remotely. There are two key components that stand out:

  1. Chat: Users can start private or public conversations with other colleagues with the integration of video that makes discussions regarding work even more productive and efficient.
  2. Hub: Users can leverage a shared workspace for the various applications found within Microsoft Office 365 – meaning they can work natively without toggling between applications.

Microsoft Teams Enables Employees to Share Intelligence, Insights, and Data Anywhere Within the Microsoft Office 365 Suite – From the Comfort of Their Own Homes.

There are many benefits of using Microsoft Teams while working from home, including the following:

  • Group chats and video conferences with any amount of people, whether you have 10 employees or 10,000 employees – they can all meet in one place, no matter where they’re located.
  • Edit, access, and share files with simplified search capabilities that make it easy to find what you need, alongside access to all Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real-time from one convenient hub.
  • Advanced security controls including data loss prevention, information barriers, legal hold, retention policies, and much more to keep any sensitive data within files safe against unauthorized access.
  • Stay in the loop regarding meetings as employees have access to a complete view of their scheduled meetings, the timing, the subject, and a full list of other people who will be in attendance.
  • Maintain compliance with a range of regulations as the platform is compliant and able to meet the obligations of over 42 national, regional, and industry-specific regulations.

BoomTech. has been around since 2005. We’ve worked with many organizations and many solutions in our time. Over the years, Microsoft Office 365 has been one of the most trusted cloud-based productivity solutions on the market. We’ve helped many clients take advantage of Microsoft Teams for remote work and we’re here to help you do the same.

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Microsoft is offering a free 6-month trial of Microsoft Office 365 E1, including Microsoft Teams, in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Get started now to keep your team productive while they’re working from home. We can help you take advantage of this incredible opportunity – handling the implementation, configuration, and ongoing support for you.

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