Microsoft Teams 101: How Will This Solution Help Your Business During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Microsoft Teams Coronavirus

Microsoft Teams 101: How Will This Solution Help Your Business During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Have you harnessed the full range of capabilities offered by Microsoft Teams? This communication platform can do a lot to boost your productivity.

As more and more employees are required to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, the need for technology to keep them connected has become more dire.

Have you considered Microsoft Teams?

Check out our latest video to learn more about it:

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that brings people together to collaborate, communicate and share content.

It offers a flexible environment that makes everything visible, integrated and accessible to your staff. It’s a messaging application where all conversations, meetings, and notes can be accessed by everyone in one place, and it’s a hub where you can work together with the security and real-time communication you need for collaboration.

How Will Microsoft Teams Empower Your Remote Staff?

  • Enhanced Communication: Teams allows you to communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know. Stay connected with chat, calls, and meetings within your team and in private or small group conversations.  Schedule and join online Teams meetings with HD video, VoIP, and dial-in audio conferencing options. Have a dedicated phone number for placing and receiving domestic and international phone calls, with advances features including voicemail, transfer, delegation and emergency calling.  Each channel has an email address associated with it. Get the email address and have staff, vendors, clients, etc. use it to communicate directly to that Teams channel – e.g. in your HR Team, have a channel called Resumes and have applications emailed directly there.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Share your files, apps or desktop in online meetings and review the important moments later with transcriptions of recorded content. Teams allows you to conveniently add in your department’s SharePoint library to a tab, or drop documents directly into the Files Tab. Everyone will be given a choice to collaborate within Teams, online, or using a local app.
  • Integrate Other Data And Apps: Teams is linked to other Microsoft Office services such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI, and Delve, as well as its cloud storage and sharing services such as SharePoint. This allows you to seamless work between apps, and pull data where needed, eliminating tedious switching and reformatting between apps.
  • Manage Your Team: By selecting “View Team”, you can change the settings, add or remove team members and manage team ownership. As a team manager, you will have additional privileges that allow you to make numerous adjustments. This can be very helpful when working with people from multiple departments or various projects. Different team members can take charge of the meeting as needed. You will quickly learn how to structure your team so that it’s highly efficient or just more fun for team members.

Microsoft Teams also delivers a secure digital workspace for today’s agile organizations. This app encrypts all data, both at-rest, and in-transit. In addition, it includes multi-factor authentication to improve identity protection.

Regardless of what type of work you do or what type of projects you may be currently working on, Microsoft Teams will become an indispensable business tool. This digital hub makes quick work of creating and customizing your team so that it’s tailored to meet all your needs.

If you’re unsure of how to harness the full extent of Microsoft Teams during the coronavirus pandemic, give BIOS a phone call for a quick discussion to see if you’re covered..

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