What Are The Benefits Of Hosted VoIP Services?

Hosted VoIP Services South Florida

9 Amazing Benefits of Hosted VoIP Solutions for Businesses

Communication is a key activity for every business today. From the CEO reaching out to unit managers or the sales team following up on customer orders, communication has to take place. The telephone remains the holy grail of business communication despite the growth of novel alternative forms.

Businesses spend millions of dollars in setting up phone systems for both internal and external communication. But ever wondered how much money your company spends on telephony services? Pretty substantial, we reckon. Telephony services account for a considerable percentage of communication costs regardless of the size of the business.

Businesses are established for profits and shareholder value. Cutting operational costs is an essential step towards achieving the business’s core objectives. But how do you cut costs on critical services such as communication? Here is a good start; by installing Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to replace traditional phone systems. A clear indicator of the shift to VoIP is industry reports showing an annual growth rate for the VoIP market to the upwards of 15%. What are the benefits that accrue to a business that makes the shift from analog telephony to Hosted VoIP solutions?

Hosted VoIP Services South Florida

Is VoIP Easy to Install and Manage?

The traditional phone system has a ponderous installation and management procedures. For starters, you need to contact the telephone company, who will assess the business premises, among other pre-installation protocols. In instances of downtime or routine checks, the installer or their approved representatives are the sole maintenance services providers.

Hosted VoIP solutions, on the other hand, is easy to install and manage. With a pair of handsets, wiring, Local Area Network switches, and minimal vendor support, VoIP services will be up and running. Internal IT staff with minimal skills will be sufficient in ensuring the service remains on the beat.

Does VoIP Enhance Excellent Customer Support?

Customer support-oriented businesses such as call centers will find Hosted VoIP an indispensable platform for seamless customer care provision. Precisely, call-center representatives will find VoIP vital in the following ways:

  • Unified flow of communication via chat, phone, email, and other platforms
  • Oversight and reporting of crucial parameters for better decision making
  • Ability to redirect customer inquiries to the right person/department
  • Routing flexibility by allowing optimization of call-ins as per specific factors such as level of skill of customer support representative

What is the Scalability Capacity of VoIP?

Ever tried adding another phone line to your analog phone? The experience elicits little excitement. With the traditional phone systems, including an extra phone line is arduous and annoying. The process takes time and results in plenty of company downtime. Surely not worth the trouble.

Try VoIP instead. Adding phone lines to Hosted VoIP is fast and straightforward. It also comes with manageable monthly costs hence keeping communication costs down for the same work accomplished. This feature makes VoIP suitable for businesses experiencing fast expansions, downturns, or frequent staff fluctuations.

How Does VoIP Enhance Communication Integration?

The traditional phone systems create a disjointed information and communication ecosystem. Valuable customer data is lost in the confusion hence a business loses key insights critical for its growth and sustainability.

VoIP solves the problem by integrating customer insights and experiences from diverse communication channels. By coalescing customer insights from these channels, VoIP allows a business to anticipate and take into account customer needs. The channels include email, chat data, and social media engagement.

Does VoIP Offer Unified Communication?

Unified communication is an important goal for every business. Not every business has the capacity to achieve that goal fast as they would wish due to the intricacies involved. However, with VoIP, the ability for unified communication is closer than ever. By putting business communication channels on a unified network, businesses can achieve the following:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Customer service excellence
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Faster troubleshooting

How Much Does VoIP Cost?

The cost-saving prospects of VoIP will attract business leaders seeking to cut operational costs. According to Tech.co, small businesses cut the cost of calls by up to 40% and 90% for local and international calls, respectively. For start-ups, VoIP reduces communication costs by up to 90%. Additional cost benefits include money saved on clean up expenses after data breaches and phone tapping on traditional phones.

What Are VoIP Customers Saying?

What lengths would you go to make your customers happy? By simply switching to Hosted VoIP solutions. Customers will fall in love with VoIP’s voice recognition feature, faster connectivity, and instant responses. Moreover, with round the clock support, customers will have their issues and queries answered at any time. This improves a business’s reputation in a customer-driven, competitive business environment.

Does VoIP Deliver Mobility and Productivity?

What happens when the traditional phone line is not picked by a customer representative? The customer query remains unanswered for hours. This doesn’t need to happen. By unraveling the mobility offered by VoIP, businesses will deal with customer issues promptly. More importantly, employees can respond to customer issues whenever, wherever, resulting in satisfied customers and productive employees.

What Extra Features Does VoIP Have to Offer?

Hosted VoIP solutions have a host of features that can be unlocked depending on the business needs. Start-ups and small businesses may only require a handful of features at par with their limited operations. Conversely, large corporations will utilize most of the VoIP features owing to their diverse communication needs and broader operations.

Whether large or small, a business can unlock and utilize VoIP features as the need arises. What are the main additional features that your business can derive from VoIP? Some of the extra features worth checking out include:

  • Data integration for transcribing voicemail messages to email messages
  • For call centers with many call-ins, automated call divergence
  • Voice recognition feature for intelligent call routing
  • Remote administration of phone lines
  • Chat feature integrated with the customer relationship management
  • Teleconferencing feature and video chat

Business VoIP Services In South Florida

Installing VoIP in place of analog phone lines is no longer just a trendy move for businesses. It is a strategic shift as companies seek to serve their customers better. Cutting the cost of communication and achieving data integration through VoIP is a clear pointer towards productivity and profitability. For all your Hosted VoIP solutions and managed IT services, contact Boomtech Inc.

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