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Cloud Services In South Florida

The Importance of Cloud Services in South Florida

BoomTech provides cloud services and cloud technologies for organizations across South Florida. Call in the cloud specialists.

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How do you switch IT companies?

Switching IT companies can seem like a daunting task. Find out how to make the transition from one IT company to the next as painless as possible.

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Structured Cabling Low Voltage Cabling Hollywood Florida

Structured Cabling Services in Hollywood FL

BoomTech provides structured cabling and low voltage cabling services for large and small organizations in Hollywood, FL

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Technology Cost cutting

Technology Helps Businesses Double-Dip On Cost-Cutting & Efficiency

Dialogues between technology experts and leaders in other industries sometimes trail off into unfamiliar IT jargon. Business professionals tend to look at technology as a tool meant to improve profitability.

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IT Infrastructure Pandemic South Florida

How Can IT Infrastructure Help Your Business Prepare for Next Pandemic?  

Before the pandemic forced government leaders to shut down entire industries and implement stay at home mandates, conventional disruption wisdom centered on disaster recovery. Few recognized the almost unprecedented impact a global pandemic could have on essential business functions and employee productivity.

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South Florida IT Support

Scan On The Go With Microsoft Office Lens

Are you still hanging onto hard copy documents, receipts, sticky notes, and other physical documentation? With Microsoft Office Lens, you can use your smartphone to get rid of it all.

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South Florida IT Support

Microsoft Find Time: Your Team Meeting Secret Weapon

Booking team meetings should be simple, right? The answer is yes, but unfortunately, countless business teams tell us that coordinating team meetings is one of the most frustrating daily tasks on their to-do lists. However, we’re on a mission to help businesses of all shapes and sizes take the frustration out of scheduling team meetings by implementing Microsoft’s Find Time tool.

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Microsoft Outlook Send Later

Email Made Easy With Outlook’s Handy Hidden Feature

Most office workers and people, in general, understand the basic functionality of Microsoft Outlook. This handy program allows anyone to send and receive emails effectively and efficiently.

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