Protect Your Zoom Meetings from Hackers

Zoom Meeting Hackers

How to Protect Your Zoom Meetings from Hackers

In March 2020 alone, Zoom had 200 million meeting participants. Sadly, businesses and government offices aren’t the only ones taking advantage of all that Zoom has to offer. Hackers are also busy using it to access your confidential information. That’s why you need to take the following precautions to keep your business safe from breaches while you and your staff members work from home.

Secure Your Zoom Information

Secure your Zoom information as you would other company-related usernames and passwords. Never write the information down or share it via social media.

Use Password Protection for All Meetings

Contrary to popular misconception, using password protection for your Zoom meetings won’t deter people from attending. What it will do is keep hackers out while allowing all your employees to enter freely. Moreover, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody recommends creating a new password for each Zoom meeting.

You’ll also need to choose strong passwords to keep your meetings fully secure. Use both capital and lower-case letters and at least one number and symbol. Avoid using personal information in your password; if you do, hackers may be able to guess your password if they gain access to your social media accounts.

Enable Encryption

Go to Zoom’s Advanced Settings tab to enable encryption for your meeting. It only takes a few minutes and the increased security is well worth the small hassle. Be sure to save your settings so they apply for every single meeting, not just the one you are currently organizing.

Make Sure Everyone Uses the Right Link

IT experts have recently pointed out that a growing number of hackers are buying domain names with the word “Zoom” in them. Cybercriminals hope to use these domain names to trick employees who are planning on attending a Zoom meeting into clicking on a malicious domain name instead of the legitimate Zoom meeting link. Make sure your employees know about this tactic. Genuine Zoom meeting links will always have “” as part of the link.

Get Professional Help to Protect Your Virtual IT Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way in which professional service firms conduct business. As workers do their jobs from home instead of at the office, companies are discovering cybersecurity vulnerabilities due to the fact that business is being conducted via home networks rather than secure company ones. Sadly, hackers are taking advantage of the many IT challenges companies are facing and exploiting Zoom and other services to gain access to company data.

While there are plenty of things you can do to protect your virtual operations, it’s also wise to partner with professionals to ensure that your IT operations are fully secure at all times. What’s more, a good IT managed service can not only protect your IT set-up but also improve it to improve communications, boost employee morale, improve services to clients, and more.

Introducing BoomTech Inc. IT Managed Services

As those who work with us can attest, BoomTech offers fast, effective, cutting-edge IT managed services at a reasonable price. Greenberg & Strelitz, P.A. recently noted that BoomTech effectively prevents most problems while quickly resolving any issues that do arise. Bobby Smith, CEO of Party Goods Warehouse, recently praised BoomTech IT technicians for successfully blocking viruses and other malware while effectively eliminating downtime for the business. Other satisfied customers include Florida Turnpike Services, Investments Limited, and Action Title Company. Get in touch with us at your convenience for more cybersecurity help and advice or to schedule an appointment with our team of IT experts.

Philipp founded BoomTech after moving to the United States from Switzerland at the age of 24. His clients say he operates his business like a “Swiss Clock!” because he has a very detail-oriented process that allows him to come up with a technology solution to his client’s problems no matter what it takes.

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