How do you switch IT companies?


Is Switching IT Companies Difficult?

Technology is such an integral part of your day-to-day operations. It allows you to stay in communication with your customers and partners, complete important tasks, keep track of inventory, and overall, operate efficiently. But sometimes, you outgrow your partnership with your current IT company and need to make a change. This is especially true right now. As many parts of the country start to open up from COVID-19 lockdowns, we’ve received a ton of phone calls from organizations wanting to switch IT companies.

Why? Well, we often find out when we speak with them that their current IT company isn’t meeting their unique needs. It might be something as simple as being slow to transition them to remote work, but it can also be:

  • A lack of responsive support when they need it
  • Recurring issues that don’t get resolved the first time around
  • Frustrating hidden fees that are difficult to manage during an economic downturn

Regardless, everyone who reaches out to us has the same question: “how hard is it to switch IT companies?” Today, we’re going to answer that honestly and openly for you. The truth is, switching IT companies can be a MASSIVE project. They usually have administrative access to everything on the network, therefore, they have access to everything belonging to your business.

How To Switch IT Companies

When you want to switch IT companies, you have to do it strategically. If you follow our recommendations, switching IT companies can actually be fairly simple and straightforward. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Don’t cancel your current IT agreement until you have a new IT company chosen and in place.
  2. Make sure you have administrative access to everything on your network, logins, passwords, etc. This may trigger concern, but you should have access anyway.
  3. Ask your new IT company to conduct an extensive security assessment to make sure no backdoors or vulnerabilities exist.
  4. Once the new IT company is in place, then give notice to cancel with your current IT company.
  5. Communicate the change with your entire staff and make sure they’re aware of any protocols or procedures.

Most IT company changes go well, however, we have seen some hostile circumstances over the years. If you’re ready to change, click here to get in touch with our experts or give us a call at (561) 300-5080 . We’ll help you through the entire process and make sure it goes smoothly.

Philipp founded BoomTech after moving to the United States from Switzerland at the age of 24. His clients say he operates his business like a “Swiss Clock!” because he has a very detail-oriented process that allows him to come up with a technology solution to his client’s problems no matter what it takes.

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