Florida Charter School Calls BoomTech For Help With Wireless Network

BoomTech Helps Florida Charter School With Their Wireless Network Problem

BoomTech Helps Florida Charter School With Their Wireless Network Problem

More and more businesses today rely on their Wi-Fi network to get work done, which makes Internet connectivity and speed undeniably important. That’s why organizations can’t deal with anything less than the best Wi-Fi connection.

Case in point: a Florida charter school got in touch with my team just last week to get expert assistance with assessing and fixing their wireless network. A school administrator got in touch reached out through our website’s 24/7 chat feature:

“One of our schools is having issues with its Wireless network. There are about 40 -50 Access Points installed (Aerohive). Would need a site survey with the existing system.”

Our support representative replied right away to get more information and arrange a meeting:

“I see. All our projects are completely custom so it is difficult to give exact figures but if you would like to give me your information I can have one of our Client Service Representatives give you a call right away to discuss further regarding the IT Services.”

BoomTech Helps Florida Charter School With Their Wireless Network Problem

How Did BoomTech Help This Charter School?

In order to develop the Wi-Fi network this Charter School needed, we did the following:

  • Complete System Survey: The first step was to find out what was wrong with their current network, and how it was failing to meet their needs. There’s no point in designing a new solution and charging this client money without making sure the result actually addresses their original issue.
  • Match A Solution To The Problem: With a detailed understanding of the school’s needs, we moved ahead with designing and deploying a more capable Wi-Fi network. This meant sourcing more powerful network devices and laying out a network that delivered the necessary speed and signal strength.
  • Confirm Their New Network Meets Their Needs: Lastly, we made sure the new network worked by testing it. We ensured that the school’s staff had the speed and connection quality they needed.

BoomTech Will Solve Your Network Problems

We know how important Wi-Fi is for organizations of all types and sizes. If you can’t connect, you can’t work. If your Wi-Fi isn’t keeping up with your expectations, or if you need to upgrade your systems altogether, get in touch with the BoomTech team.

Click here to get started or call us at (561) 300-5080.

Philipp founded BoomTech after moving to the United States from Switzerland at the age of 24. His clients say he operates his business like a “Swiss Clock!” because he has a very detail-oriented process that allows him to come up with a technology solution to his client’s problems no matter what it takes.

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