Spanish River Park

Spanish River Park

Beach at Spanish River Park

The city of Boca Raton is famous for its beautiful beaches and numerous nature parks and reserves. Spanish River Park is one of Boca’s many places to enjoy the outdoors. 


Covering roughly 95 acres of Florida coastline, Spanish River is a perfect place to take your family to chill on the beach and enjoy the outdoors! 


Spanish River Park takes its name from a shallow freshwater stream which once flowed along the western edge of the park. Settlers used to call it the “Old Spanish River.” The Old Spanish River no longer exists, as it was channeled into the Intracoastal Waterway, and now locals joke that “no one in town can find it.” However, you can still see the old stream bed in Spanish River Park. 


What can you do at Spanish River Park? 


There are lots of options! It is a beautiful place to hike, explore, chill, and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Nature trail at Spanish River Park

There is access to beautiful stretches of beach to relax on, with lifeguards to protect you and your family. There is even a doggie beach where you can take pets. 


There are also plenty of places to picnic, with the 10 pavilions and 125 picnic tables. Parking should be adequate as well. There is easy access to the beaches through tunnels, so you don’t have to cross any streets. 


The park is open for group camping in certain spots. However, family trailer and tent camping is not allowed, as the park is considered principally a day-use area. Youthgroups, scouts, and pathfinders are welcome! 


You can take a hike on one of the nature trails and see the local flora and fauna. You might see local birds, flowers, gumbo limbo trees, and more. 

Pavilion at Spanish River Park

The fishing is great! Coastline fishing is a favorite of many visitors. Along the shore of the park you can catch various species of fish, including barracuda, snooks, marlin, bonefish, blue runners, and more! You may be able to see marine life through the translucent waters. 


Spanish River Park is in close proximity to several other nature parks. These include Red Reef Park, where you can enjoy some safe, fun snorkeling on the artificial reef, and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, where you can see lots of sea turtles! 


Besides that, the park is close by lots of great places to stay, eat, shop, and chill. You could try out one of Boca Raton’s shopping centers, such as Mizner Park or the Town Center. Or try out one of the restaurants within walking distance of Spanish River Park. 


If you need a place to relax and enjoy nature, check out Spanish River Park! It is a great place to take your family for a day of relaxing fun. 

Dog friendly beach at Spanish River Park

If you want to visit the park, head down to 3001 N. State Road A-1-A, Boca Raton, FL 33431


We hope you enjoy your time in nature! 


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