IT support in Delray Beach – Seamless Managed IT Services Designed to Empower Your Business

IT support in Delray Beach – Seamless Managed IT Services Designed to Empower Your Business

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Strategic Technology Planning

Security & Reliability

Proactive IT Management

Strategic Technology Planning

Security & Reliability

Proactive IT Management

In the [insert number] years BoomtechIT has been in operation, we have become the preferred managed IT service provider in Delray Beach, FL. As your MSP, we offer 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of your IT operations and go the extra mile to keep your IT infrastructure stable and secure.

From tech support and disaster recovery to cybersecurity solutions, IT consulting, and cloud services, we have everything you need to modernize your IT environment and keep up with today’s digital transformations.

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Finding the Right Managed IT Service Provider in Delray Beach, FL

Technological advancements have made remote collaborations easier and faster. However, working with partners on the other side of the globe doesn’t guarantee exceptional services.

A local IT support Delray Beach company can do more and transcend its global competitors. It’s one of the best decisions you can make for your business for various reasons, including:

  • They understand your market

A local MSP knows how dynamics in your market work. They extensively understand industry developments and challenges, which they leverage to offer services that give your business a competitive edge. In addition, since they are on the ground, they are updated on technology trends in your area and will help your company scale on demand.

  • Collaborating is much easier

Robust collaborating tools are constantly emerging and have helped remote teams streamline communications. However, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can walk into your MSP’s office in case you need help, advice, or clarification.

  • You are in the same time zones

When you have remote teams scattered worldwide, you can expect cultural challenges and, sometimes, language barriers. Slow communication and problems scheduling meetings are other cons of remote collaborations - challenges that you will not experience with a local MSP since you are in the same timezone.


BoomTech's Clients Share How We Helped Them Overcome Their
Technology Challenges.

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Price Is A Function Of Quality...

When it comes to finding a quality IT service the potential client should “do their homework”. When it comes to BoomTech they will find that price is a function of quality. When you are having a “heart attack” and they roll you into the operating room, as the patient do you look up at the three surgeons posturing to perform the surgery and request the surgeon that works the cheapest? “Hell no”, the only thing on your mind is the best most highly skilled surgeon. What dollar value can a client put on losing all their data? BoomTech is worth every penny!

Dan Grossman

D&S Management SVC
BoomTech 2

Saved Us $50,000 With A Communication Audit!

“BoomTech has not only been everything you could dream of in an IT Company but they were also able to save us $50,000 over 36 months by conducting their yearly communication audits. The BoomTech staff is always pleasant and quick to respond to any of our needs. They are so thorough and follow-up so well that it is easy to forget all about the technical side of the business and focus our time and energy on growing and expanding.”

Barry Friedman

Director Operations
Vehicle Maintenance Program, Inc.

I Sleep Easier At Night Now… Thanks to BoomTech, Inc.

I Sleep Easier At Night Now… Thanks to BoomTech, Inc. and the BDR they provide, I never have to worry about my data being backed up and stored in a secure environment. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place now; I never hope I have to use it, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing that if I do, I won’t be unpleasantly surprised.


Alan Weisberg

Attorney Partner
Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.

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  • They can perform on-site work

IT systems break down. And unlike a remote MSP that will contract a third party to fix the issues (at your expense, of course), a local MSP will quickly dispatch a team of IT professionals to come on-site at no extra costs.

So, how do you find the ideal managed IT Service Provider?

Finding the right local MSP is crucial—especially one fully equipped to comprehensively manage IT services to optimize business processes, lower costs, and prevent and eliminate cybersecurity threats.

To find your company’s perfect fit, you must consider the following:

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  • Experience Level

You need an MSP with vast experience in your area of need—a proven expert with the ability to fill technological gaps in your in-house team. One that boasts such expertise can come up with excellent ideas and tech strategies to future-proof your company and get you ahead of the competition.

  • Cybersecurity

Your MSP should hold security in high esteem and operate in highly secure environments. So, before you sign a binding agreement, ensure they operate in line with the relevant security compliance regulations. It's the only way you can rest assured that your company data is entrusted to the right people.

  • Track record

Learn more about an MSP by taking a look at its track record. The first step is to scroll down to the testimonial section on their website and go through unbiased customer review sites on the internet.

You can also look at their partnerships and ask the managed IT company to give you referrals you can talk to.

Note that one bad review does not necessarily mean bad service, as customer expectations differ. However, make sure they have a higher number of positive reviews across the various platforms.

  • Service-level agreement (SLA)

An SLA will lay out the level of service to expect from your MSP and the metric by which both parties will measure the success of their partnership. It will also define all possible repercussions if the MSP fails to deliver the agreed level of service.

As such, you need to pick a partner with an SLA that’s measurable and aligns with your goals. The MSP should also be willing to review and adjust the agreement as the company scales or when a need arises.

Benefits of Working With Boomtech IT for IT support in Delray Beach

  • A holistic approach to monitoring IT infrastructure, data management, and cloud security
  • A proven track record of success in automating and optimizing IT operations
  • Exclusively tailored solutions that drive innovation and support your unique business needs
  • Strong commitment to customer satisfaction, long-term partnerships, and round-the-clock services.
  • Wide range of services and solutions, including cybersecurity, disaster recovery, cloud computing, IT infrastructure support, VoIP services, and more
  • A team of IT professionals that address skill gaps in your in-house team
  • Managed IT services that scale along with your business needs
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BoomtechIT’s Approach to IT Consulting and Managed IT Services

  • Emphasis on proactive maintenance and monitoring strategies to prevent unscheduled interruptions and ensure IT systems are at optimum functionality
  • High-quality 24/7 enterprise-level support for a smooth-functioning IT department
  • Flexible cooperation models based on your IT needs and goals
  • Rapid response times to protect the health of your IT systems. That way, you are assured of minimal downtime and prevention of imminent security vulnerabilities
  • Focus on a quality-first approach, allowing clients to derive as much value as possible from our services
  • Leveraging robust communication and reporting tools to keep clients in the know and in control
  • Use of advanced technologies and best practices for your business to have the edge over competitors

BoomtechIT: We Manage IT Services to Continually Evolve Your IT Department

BoomtechIT offers high-value managed IT services that revolutionize your digital performance and strengthen your in-house team. We have been Florida’s go-to managed IT service provider since [insert year], offering Delray Beach entrepreneurs the IT stability their businesses need to manage everyday operations.

Whether you wish to bring down your overall IT spend or want to do away with the never-ending technological problems at the office, we are the reliable and unrelenting support you need.

Let’s relieve the stresses of keeping up with emerging technologies, cybersecurity best practices, and system upgrades.

Contact us today for a free quote.

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