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“The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The RIGHT VoIP Phone System For Your Small To Medium Business, Call Center Or Multi-Location Office”

Not all VoIP systems are created equal! Read this guide to discover how to avoid making a frustrating, expensive mistake when choosing a VoIP phone system.

In This Report You’ll Discover:


What VoIP is, how it works and why the phone company may force you to switch to a VoIP phone within the next 3-4 years.


4 different ways to implement VoIP and why you should never use 3 of them for a business phone system.


Hidden costs with certain VoIP system that can negate any cost-savings you might gain on your phone bill.


7 revealing questions to ask any VoIP salesperson to cut through the hype, half-truths and “little white lies” they’ll tell you to make the sale.


The ONLY way to know for sure if VoIP will work in your environment and in your business.

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It only takes one…

BoomTech is everything we could want in an IT service. I understand that IT cost sometimes becomes a big burden on businesses, especially on small business. It might even seem very tempting to ignore any IT cost to save some money in the short term. We switched to a VoIP phone system over 3 years ago. We love that the phone system lets us forward calls to any of our locations and we saved 23% on the phone expenses. BoomTech was there every step of the way when we were switching to the new VoIP phone, making sure everything went well. It only takes one incident to cause a catastrophic damage to the business that would cost more than the cost of maintaining IT Support. BoomTech gives me the peace of mind that our IT is safe.

Paul Bedoyan Controller
Investments Limited

Reduced our phone bill by 200%

We didn’t even realize we needed to replace our 10 year old phone system until BoomTech did a communication audit for us. The results were shocking. We followed their recommendations and replacing our previous phone provider and switching to a VoIP phone system. We reduced our bill $651 a month or as a savings of 200%! The monthly savings on this new feature rich, high call quality VoIP system paid for itself within a few months. Without BoomTech taking the initiative to perform a communication audit, we would have never known what was available.

Richard Delizza Owner
Electric sales Associates, Inc.

The sales team no longer miss any important sales calls

Thanks to BoomTech’s communications audit, we are saving $581 a month on our phone bill! In addition, we now have a new phone system that gives us voice mail, an auto attendant, and allows calls to find me/follow me for our sales guys. The sales team no longer miss any important sales calls just because they are out of the office. On top of that, our internet connection is 10 times faster than the old expensive stuff we had before. And the best thing of all is that everything is managed by BoomTech. So we just make one call whether we need help with our phone, internet, or computers.

Johanna Membreno Office Manager
Joco Produce, Inc.