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Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) usually possess a large number of client records and a host of personal information about these clients.  Aside from keeping your IT environment secure, backed up, and running at optimal performance, we can assist you with the uptick in demand on your system during tax season. IT issues arising while working on deadlines may hinder local accounting firms and offices from completing tasks, causing tax penalties, surcharges, and damage to reputations as a capable accountant office. CPAs, accounting offices, and auditing firms need a reliable IT resource person to solve complex IT problems they may face.

Hiring an internal IT guy can get the job done- to a degree. There are many instances when they can't resolve the root problem. Or worse, as we've seen with clients, their workarounds can cause damage to the infrastructure. Your IT infrastructure houses the entirety of your business data- these records are vital to keep safe and accessbile. 

Get more things done with IT Support

Boomtech IT specializes in providing premium IT support for CPA's. Being one of the area's leading IT consultancy firms, BoomTech delivers custom-tailored IT solutions to save money and achieve results. We take pride in our ability to provide IT expertise and quality IT support with a quick response.

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  • You can focus on your core business - Spend less time doing IT work and more time focused on your business.
  • Lower expenses when you use an expert - When you try and figure out everything yourself you may be totally unaware of other solutions that exist. By using a real IT expert you can rest assured that all solutions are considered and vetted- delivering you the best experience possible.
  • Highly-skilled IT consultants are there to help you - We have many different experts on staff that know a variety of different technologies. Instead of relying on one "guru" we have many that can all work together to produce the best solution for your specific needs.
  • Save time and deploy solutions faster - Our IT consultants are knowledgeable not just about what solutions are best but also the best way to roll these out into your organization. We can help you plan and integrate the deployment of new IT solutions so you get the most out of your dollar.


We support single location, small owner-operated firms, and multi-location SMBs. Contact us today let's discuss how can we help you optimize your IT environment.